Greetings! I'm Ryan Kirby, Founder and Owner of DiadCinema© Writing. You can find me on Twitter @diadcinema. Browse through my site until you feel comfortable with my Writing Services. Professional references are available upon request. Scroll, click, and contact for more! Let's get your next news-breaking story written.

Welcome to DiadCinema© Writing 

Please see “About Services” to get started. For general inquiries, see contact information. I am a Freelance Writer (Journalist) and Copyrighter.

To be brief, I do not charge more than $50 for any story (see Services Pricing) and that goes for any word-count after $50! I write 300-400 word columns/blogs for free, but require Author Credit for the piece. As you will receive the copyright to the story, I will only have written it as Freelance.

The simple pitch? DiadCinema© Writing aims to provide you a well-researched and credible story for any project: whether you want a story for your new startup blog, a written review that helps your website, or an article for your Editor at your News Firm and any “story” in between, DiadCinema© Writing will get you a draft in 12 hours and a working copy in 24 (of course, investigative stories take longer, but not much).

That being said, I cannot ethically behold investigative/travel drafts/full stories to be ready in 12 hours or less. It is firstly an injustice to the story by “cramming in everything fast” just to get a story – that detracts from the goal of communication, although writing is often communicated unfaithfully. To stay faithful to the text, you should understand that I will stay faithful to the text – therefore, I cannot give any ETA promises on highly investigative stories, but your drafts will be in liaison with whomever you’re working.

Feel free to browse, call, text, email, tweet, or reach out by any means possible – let’s get your head-turning story written.